More Than Thankful

Hey guys!

So I just have something awesome to say in light of my last post.

We are in no need of financial aid because my dad was fired -> due to my mom running our coffee shop. This being said though, people still want to let our family that they support us. My family was a big part of our church, we ran the children’s ministry, helped out with the program for mothers that my mom was head of, and were just at church A LOT. We were very influential and even though there are some in the church that might have been jealous of my dad or my whole family, there still are a few that love and support us.

Some have made this known to my parents face to face and others have done so more subtly. Whatever the way they make it known, we are so grateful for them. We are NOT trying to break up the church (that’s literally how influential we are) and we are not trying to throw anyone under the bus, but those that support us in our decision and still care for us no matter where we attend church are truly amazing. If anyone that is or has supported us is reading this, please know just how thankful we are for you and your wonderful heart!

Tonight we were shown some extra kindness when my mom went to pick up my brother from his basketball practice (which is held at our church). One of our good friends handed her an envelope and said that it was a love offering for our family. She would not give my mom any other details, like who it was from or anything. When my mom opened the little envelope with my parent’s names on it though, she was stunned. In the envelope there was a couple hundred dollars.

Like I said above, we are not in need of financial support, but we are just so thankful to everyone that is finding little ways to support and love us. Whether it’s a gift, a prayer, a hug, thank you so much! You really have no idea how your love is helping us. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤

One thought on “More Than Thankful

  1. That is wonderful I hope that the good people who are in your lives continue to do this. Too often they will leave people high and dry when they most need that support and love. I hope that you and your family are able to cherish the love that surrounds you and your new year will bring so many great things for the future.

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