Let It Snow!

Hey guys!

Where I live, we RARELY get snow, and if we do, we only get around two inches maybe. Well we had a “blizzard” and some places got up to 10 inches! My area got quite a bit and it snowed almost all day yesterday.

Now I just have to say that I think snow is BEAUTIFUL! It’s so white and clean and it dances down onto everything. I love the snow, but I hate the cold, so the other day when I went out with my  brothers, I really bundled up. After two pairs of pants, four thick socks, a pair of Dad’s boots (which barely fit because of my socks), five shirts, and two waterproof jackets (which both also belong to my Dad), I was ready to go!

My brothers, our neighbors, and myself pounded snowballs at each other’s faces and threw each other into the snow for a while until we headed off to an industrial park just outside of our neighborhood. There we sledded down a snow covered hill for probably a couple of hours with the snow blowing at our faces. Of course I buried my head in the snow a few times from leaning forward too much on the sled and left with soaking wet and freezing pants, but it was wonderful!

I hope you guys are all enjoying everything that comes your way! Whether it be deep snow, tropical sands, country roads, or city lights, there is something good where ever you are!

Image result for snow

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